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In first place we have sakuramatsuri

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2nd: saedame

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3rd: myr3volution

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Mod's choice award: felstormcrow

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Nice job guys!

We only have two icons so far for week two, and in theory the deadline is tomorrow, so get crackin :P. Actualy I might extend the deadline to sunday night... ANYWAYS. I'll make up some banners for you guys to put up in your userinfo if you want. And if you guys can think of any places to pimp the community, please go ahead and do it. thanks!
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The prompt for week 2 is:

Ain't Afraid to Die

I don't care how you incorporate it. you can just have the text with a completely unrelated picture (er... preferably still of something to do with dir en grey though), or you can use screencaps, or pics from that era, whatever you want. Go nuts.

same rules as last week. 3 icons per person. Have fun guys :D

all comments are screened, Submission deadline is this Saturday at midnight, yadda yadda...

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Vote for up to three icons, all comments screened. Voting closes on friday at midnight.

Also... go forth and pimp the community! We had a pretty good turnout for the first week, but I'm sure there are a lot more deg fans out there that would be interested, so tell your friends!

oh, and I'm looking for a co-mod, for two reasons really, just so people believe me when I post the winners, and I'll more than likely be nursing a hangover next sunday XD So if you're interested drop me a line eh?

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Prompt is: ryoujoku no ame. You can use screencaps, drawings, lyrics, and whatever else you can find that you think would be cool, but it has to relate to ryoujoku no ame somehow. I made some screencaps that can be found here if you want to make use of them. The lyrics (both Japanese and English) can be found floating around the internet.

This challenge is pretty open ended because I'm trying to encourage creativity. Challenges will range in specificity as time goes on. If anyone has a suggestion for a challenge feel free to drop me a line either here, on my journal, by email or aim.

Rules: 1. maximum entry of three icons per person per week.

2. you can vote for your own icons, but try to be mature about it. If you think someone else did a better job, then vote for them~

3. I know that there are some dir en grey fans out there that get off on the whole elitist thing, or the whole "OMG *insert name of band member here* is sooo hot!" thing, etc and so on. And I know a few people give a bad name to a whole group of
people, so let's try to keep a chilled out atmosphere round these parts. Please?

3. Icons are due Saturday night at 12 am. ((since I'm just starting this community, and it's already thursday, we'll go till next saturday this week))

4. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places will be determined by voting. And there'll be a mod's choice award too. Determined by me... because I like to exercise my mod powers.

ALL COMMENTS TO THIS POST ARE SCREENED. When you submit your icon I'll upload it to a photobucket account I made just for this so people can't trace where they came from and adjust their voting.

Aaaaaaand GO!
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